#12 NaPoWriMo

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Drawn like moth to candles’ flame
His dance lit room, HIS game
Shimmering eyes
Head over heels I fell
Under his spell
Until one hundred and eighty days in
Fate cast a mighty spin
Dark turned the face in unholy twist
Revealed lone wolf in sheep suit
The Narcissist
Gut saw the signs, heart made me blind
Out just in time before I lost my mind

-Marsha Nelson

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#11 NaPoWriMo

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Sometimes just a whisper of wind
takes my thoughts to absurd places
Logical mind nods approval
Radical opinion steps forward
takes a curtsy and a bow
hoping for rebuttal from liberal perspective
I can only wonder how many ideas
lie reasonably dormant
until such a time when
practical measures become referee

-Marsha Nelson

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#10 NapoWriMo –LULLABY

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If I only could see beyond the horizon
flat line view
etched sillouhettes
rising vapor swirls around me in field of deams
I close my eyes to the impossible vision
white noise rising
carried upon wings of birds roosting
upon my skull within
a dreamers void comes steady breathing
against old dust motes
damp moss
star light
symphony of crickets and bullfrogs
unfold along sleeping shoreline
orchestrated in all probability by Mr. Hoot Owl
high upon his all-seeing perch
As I slumber within the dew drops
my denzion choir fourishes in the key of
pitch black onyx
I am the barritone singer after the night falls
the soloist prepared
to rise to the occassion
and as if on cue
I softly snore
becoming one with the natural elements
under the forest canopy

Marsha Nelson
10/30 NaPoWriMo

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#9 NaPoWriMo — AWAKEN

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Rustic lined shelves
memories piled high as yesterday’s dreams
faded into wormwood
woodwork stained, knotted pine, forest floor patchwork
even evergreen goes sliding into depth of winter dark, frigid
ancestral inflictions carried throughout generations
full term gestations, nine month litigations
howling winds scream into window sills
a festering of dust
blown to sides of empty imagination
a storm that will pass in time
rendering a change in stark, barren scenery
an echo from past yearnings
celebrating its freedom
a soul set free from frame and timber
draft rushes past ankles on polished floor
mirrored finish, looking glass to future
beyond blustery breezes, hunched-over nightmares
forgiveness breathes mercy to
awaken a newness of Spring
a budding

-Marsha Nelson

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as i bow my head

Treasure chest
… of dreams
coming apart
… at the seams
Pandora’s box
… opened wide
expose all I have hidden
… deep inside

No! do not come close to me

For I cannot re-create
… my Spirit free

All that is left
… as I bow my head
a heart, mind, soul ~ once alive
… now dead


-Marsha Nelson
8/30 NaPoWriMo

healing power

Healing from within
healing from without
healing with tender loving care
lifting up my hands to shout!
glorious days and glorious nights
healing starts in my mind …
then grows to new heights


Breathe in
breathe out
aligning my Qi without a doubt
energy flowing straight and strong
makes me feel like I belong
on top of the world with eyes shining bright
everything I touch will be filled with light
the aura I possess is positive and irrefutable
trails of color shadow me, it’s totally undebatable
tendrils and wisps of my hair tickle my nose
and crown my head royally with a tiara that flows
a refined beauty so rare that heads spin to see me
it’s confidence and affluence
a healing power that adorns me

-Marsha Nelson
7/30 NaPoWriMo


…change you, rearrange you, yes, I tried
even though your smiling eyes lied
I knew … deep down inside …
that woman instinct that God provides
yet … I gave you the benefit of the doubt
shared my life with you inside and out
loved you, hated you, loved you some more
because I knew you were a good man deep down in your core
but time and time again you showed me more
letting me hear stories with your wicked whisper
frying my brain until it could get no crisper
you cheated on me with so many women
you cheated on me and spread your semen
I stuck out thirteen years to try to make you better
cried so much my eyes couldn’t get much wetter
so now I have learned great lessons of life
I’ll not be your woman or God help, me your wife
and to the women who know you and probably screw you
beware that cheaters are cheaters, in all different hues
go ahead blow his bag pipe … if only you knew
his dirty little secret from way down under
not my problem any longer … he’s your reckless blunder
so you’re dating my ex, how sweet … how do I taste?
I shake my head smiling, breaking free from that waste.

-Marsha Nelson
6/30 NaPoWriMo