Posted: April 8, 2016 in Uncategorized


…change you, rearrange you, yes, I tried
even though your smiling eyes lied
I knew … deep down inside …
that woman instinct that God provides
yet … I gave you the benefit of the doubt
shared my life with you inside and out
loved you, hated you, loved you some more
because I knew you were a good man deep down in your core
but time and time again you showed me more
letting me hear stories with your wicked whisper
frying my brain until it could get no crisper
you cheated on me with so many women
you cheated on me and spread your semen
I stuck out thirteen years to try to make you better
cried so much my eyes couldn’t get much wetter
so now I have learned great lessons of life
I’ll not be your woman or God help, me your wife
and to the women who know you and probably screw you
beware that cheaters are cheaters, in all different hues
go ahead blow his bag pipe … if only you knew
his dirty little secret from way down under
not my problem any longer … he’s your reckless blunder
so you’re dating my ex, how sweet … how do I taste?
I shake my head smiling, breaking free from that waste.

-Marsha Nelson
6/30 NaPoWriMo


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